My obsession with art and design began when I discovered the Pop Art movement. I was drawn to the bold colors and strong lines employed by the likes of Roy Liechtenstein and Andy Warhol. Yet I would say that it was through Dadaism that the Idea of working within the visual arts became ingrained within me. The dadaists would take existing things within various forms of media and would recontextualize them. This is something that speaks to me on a personal level and drives my artistry.

My current primary sources of inspiration are both old and new. I like to draw heavy inspiration from the Bauhaus and Swiss Design movement for their focus on strong typographic arrangements and simple yet bold colors. But not everything calls for simplicity. One of my favorite current trends within the Graphic Design world is Digital Deconstruction. My current obsession with it is fueled by the fact that it allows me to make use of all of my skills, from 3DCG to Digital Illustration to Adobe illustrator.